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Hello world!

I thought the generic first post title was good enough for me. The content, on the other hand, needed a little work.

Oh, how often that little statement goes through my head. For the past 6 years, I’ve been staring at good courses gone wrong simply by trying to place them online. Ok, I really have no idea if they were good courses to begin with, but I can guarantee the vast majority (I’d say at least 95%) of the online courses I took in my college career (and it was 100% online) were BAD. And that was BEFORE I decided I was going to be an Instructional Designer. Honestly, that was probably WHY I decided to become an Instructional Designer. I knew there had to be more out there. There had to be a better way.

When I got my degree I had no idea what all Instructional Designers did. I’m still not sure I know what all Instructional Designers do. I’m not sure anyone knows for sure. I think it is a catch all/save all type role. We are the campus heros. Well, at least I think we should be. I like to think of myself as one.

Honestly, when I first started out studying to become an Instructional Designer, I thought I would end up creating online courses. I love that idea. I love putting content out there and trying to make sure it is in a way that is usable to nearly everyone. I had no idea I was about to become a campus hero. I know too much about random stuff and am more than willing to share my knowledge…apparently, that is what everyone needs. And now I’ve found my place in the world (or at least on my campus) and I have realized there is WAY more out there than online courses. I do still love them but I couldn’t be a campus hero if that is all I knew.

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