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It was pointed out to me by a friendly Twitter-er, another problem is instructional design for eLearning because “basic rules of interactive & multimedia storytelling often [are] not applied.” I didn’t even know there were basic rules of interactive and multimedia storytelling…I’m not sure if that makes me a bad ID or simply one that doesn’t do a lot of eLearning work. Anyway, my first thought, being an ID in higher education, is lack of professor knowledge about interactivity. It is a battle of knowledge. The ID knows or, in my case, has a good idea about how to implement interactivity but the professors are leery of allowing it to be used in their course. Or maybe the rules are not well enough known to be implemented properly. Or maybe the knowledge of how to use the software to create the interactive content is not known. There are so many variables that cause this problem that makes it an even bigger problem.

ELearning is SUCH a new concept for the vast majority of people. New and exciting things are happening everyday. There are so many universities and colleges moving to eLearning in large numbers, there just aren’t enough dedicated, great ID’s to go around. And as much as we would love to think professors and instructors want the best for their students, often they just want enough to get by. And that doesn’t include anything more than spewing their knowledge onto a computer screen in the only way they know how…..Word documents. It is giving eLearning a bad name….but what can we do??? We can’t FORCE instructors to teach in specific ways. We don’t have enough people or money to equip instructors with ID’s to put their content in a better format. Even when you equip an instructor with an ID, as I said earlier, it is still ultimately up to the instructor how they want their information presented. I’ve been involved, still am actually, in introducing instructors to better online teaching practices and it is a constant struggle. Basically, you can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink.

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