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Show Me the Training!!

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

In the year or so I’ve been working officially as an instructional designer, I’ve made many, MANY tutorials on how to do tasks in commonly used software. I have the fear of being bland and uninteresting. I read so much stuff about online instruction that I often get confused. I am not an online instructor (most of the time), I am simply a person providing how-to’s in an online environment. It is amazing to me how different those two roles really are. If you are simply providing how-to’s it is necessary to get the point across and show the learner whatever it was they came there to learn as fast and thoroughly as possible. If you are an online instructor you must gain the audiences interest and provide them with interactive materials (that is also helpful in the how-to’s occasionally) and explain a subject thoroughly but not too thoroughly that it becomes boring and assess their learning and…. Obviously, there is a lot involved.

So, back to the voyeuristic tendencies. Since I’ve been making all these how-to’s I’ve become extremely curious how other businesses take care of these needs. If you do make your own, what do they look like? I’ve seen the tutorials at Atomic Learning and I’ve seen the videos on WonderHowTo. Where do your place of employment’s how-to’s fall? Are they somewhere I can see them? Would you be willing to share?

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