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April 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Until I studied the term ADDIE using Google and Wikipedia, I had no idea what it was or what it meant to me as an Instructional Technology major and that was just 6 months before graduation. Some people would find this disturbing: To know that an Instructional Designer in training had no idea what the #1 used model of Instructional Design was. Now that I’m in the field, I actually find it refreshing. So many people run at ID full speed using only the ADDIE or other models to profess their knowledge and create their content. I use logic and personal experience. I also use my knowledge of andragogy and psychology to help guide my way. I’m sure my perfectionism doesn’t hurt any either.

I think it should be required of anyone who creates online content to participate in an online course. You get a whole new view of the world when you are looking through the eyes of a student. I also think there is something to be said of online instructors who do not learn well in an online setting….what are you doing teaching in a setting you, personally, don’t understand??? Anyway, that is off the point a little, I’ll have to talk about that one a little later.

I think ADDIE is a great model….but that is where people get confused…it is only a model…a process….a suggestion. It is a great way to structure how you go about making sure your content is complete but it doesn’t explain how to make sure your content is effective. People need to learn to use their heads. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Think about what you are doing. Think about how YOU would like the content to be prepared if YOU were the one taking the course. Think about how your thoughts differ from others. Think about how others might see things…..the key word here is THINK. Don’t just follow a cookie-cutter model….think about how the model should be used in your SPECIFIC case. The model gives you the process…you need to figure out how that process will work for you.

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